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Stephen Osborne Sculptures
Chaos to Order: Thinking Inside the Box


 In the 1970s, a mathematical physicist named Benoit Mandelbrot developed the field of fractal geometry which played an important role in the advancement of Chaos Theory, one of the three great revolutions in physical science of the 20th century, the other two being Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Chaos Theory is an investigation of the seemingly chaotic systems that exist in everyday life, exposing the true underlying order in those systems. It has found its` way into a variety of disciplines; economics, meteorology, and physiology to name a few.


As a means of further defining the concepts within fractal geometry, Mandelbrot invented the Fractal, his method of graphically illustrating the true nature of the world we live in with its` fractal dimensions and self-similarity. While the fractal played a part in the further advancement of Chaos Theory, it also became a vehicle for the creation of art. With a myriad of unique forms and countless variations, the fractal has provided artists with endless subject matter with which to work, both two and three dimensionally. These are the forms which I`ve chosen as a basis for my sculptures. I hope you enjoy looking at what I`ve done to date.

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